Fees and Expenses

Abhaya Legal Services Divorce Lawyers in Hyderabad

Fees and Expenses

We are cost-effective

Our endeavour is always to provide a high quality service in a cost-effective manner. Accordingly, we leverage our work consistent with this objective. We charge a fee computed on the estimate of the time spent by our professional staff, experience of the personnel working on the assignment and the level of effort required in completing the assignment.


Confidentiality and Independence

Our personnel maintain strict adherence to the ethical rules of our profession and our organization. In all aspects of our practice, our personnel maintain a strict standard of confidentiality towards information obtained during the course of carrying out our professional duties. Further, our organization and personnel maintain independence of interest and mental attitude in relationships with clients. Please note that no part of this engagement should be construed to offer or promise to perform any services which are or may become restricted for us under any law or regulation at any point of time.